Game of Thrones death watch: An ongoing list of characters who die this season

Our deepest condolences

At times, Game of Thrones can be a joyous occasion.

But most of the time spent watching Game of Thrones is pacing around in circles nervously, one trained eye on the television set or computer screen while the other looks anywhere but, as you anxiously await the death of your favorite character.

Television! It’s a beautiful thing.

[Warning: The following will most certainly contain spoilers for the entire seventh season of Game of Thrones as it develops.]

Sometimes, you just want to rip the band-aid off and see whether or not your favorite character has been killed without having to watch the painful occurrence on screen. That’s why we’ve decided to keep a death watch going. Not only will this help archive all of the precious Game of Thrones members we’ve lost this season, but it will also help those too nervous to watch the show — but who want to be able to join in the conversation at work the next day without feeling like a sore thumb for having not seen it — keep track of who’s alive and who’s dead.

Or, in the case of Jon Snow, keep track of who was alive, dead and then alive once more.

Game of Thrones’ seventh season will run for the next seven weeks, airing each Sunday at 9 p.m ET on HBO. Please note that we’ve used a photo of Joffrey Baratheon as the main image because we all know by now that he’s dead and any other character would lead to spoilers or gross miscalculations and unneeded panic attacks.

Episode One

Walder Frey’s men: In what may have been the first cold open the show has ever had, Walder Frey’s closest and fiercest men were poisoned to death after being toasted by a devious Arya Stark, clad in a Walder Frey mask and outfit. Numerous men fell to the ground, clutching their throats as they tried to retch.

Perhaps the best moment of it all, however, is when Arya revealed herself to be the mastermind behind the mass attack, declaring “Winter has come for the house of Frey.”

Polygon’s Game of Thrones coverage will continue throughout the season and this post will be updated each week.

Source: Polygon – Full


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