Pokemon Minecraft Mod Shut Down


Bye Bye Butterfree.

Pixelmon, the Pokemon mod for Minecraft, is ending development after a request from The Pokemon Company.

In a forum post titled “It’s Been A Gréat Ride,” the Pixelmon development team bid its players a fond farewell.

“We have had a great time making this mod and creating such a wonderful community but after a request from the Pokémon company we will be shutting our doors,” reads the post. “I’m sorry for the disappointment this will cause but let’s remember all the great times we had playing Pixelmon, discussing Pokémon, making awesome things inside this mod and everything else that we’ve done.”

Pixelmon was an impressive mod which let you capture and play with Pokemon inside Minecraft, and you could even battle other players. The extremely popular mod has been around for several years, but it is only recently that The Pokemon Company decided enough was enough.

If you’re looking for some other mods for Minecraft now, have a look at our Wiki Page. In other Pokemon news, The Pokemon Company has been teasing a reveal for this Wednesday.

Matt Porter is a freelance writer based in London. Make sure to visit what he thinks is the best website in the world, but is actually just his Twitter page.

Source: IGN Video Games


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