Report: Splatoon gets animated next month

Like its wacky webcomics? Tune in for more

Hot off the heels of Splatoon 2, Nintendo’s squid shooter series is getting its first animated adaptation. An online-only anime will debut on the CoroCoro YouTube channel early next month, according to Japanese gaming news site Ga-M.

The anime will reportedly take cues from the Splatoon comic series, which runs in CoroCoro’s monthly magazine. Don’t expect the episodes to be too long or action-filled for just that reason; the Splatoon comics are short, sweet and heavy on the comedy.

Here’s a screengrab from an upcoming Splatoon 2-themed CoroCoro issue, which will launch alongside the game on July 21 and have more details on the web series. It’s from a tweet by Sankichi Hinodeya, the creator of the Splatoon manga, who goes on to hint at the upcoming anime announcement:

Viz Media will publish the Splatoon comics in individual volumes later this year, giving them their first English-language release. Only the cover art has been released thus far; no release date has been announced.

The show will kick off on Aug. 12, according to Ga-M. Although it’s likely to remain in Japanese for a long while, the show should still be a lot of fun to watch — as long as it keeps Splatoon’s fantastic art style in tact.

Splatoon 2 will hit Nintendo Switch this Friday, July 21, so we’re all planning to be big into Splatoon this summer.

Source: Polygon – Full


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