Telltale Teases Upcoming Announcement As Rating Filed For New Batman Project

It appears that Telltale Games is gearing up to announce something during San Diego Comic-Con, and it might be a new Batman series.

The studio recently said on Twitter that it’ll have news to announce this week at SDCC. However, Telltale has revealed nothing else about what it might be. Some speculated that it could be a new The Wolf Among Us series, given that one of its actors retweeted Telltale’s tease.

However, the Film and Labeling Body of New Zealand posted a rating today for a video game called Batman: The Enemy Within. It lists Telltale Games’ Kent Mudle as its director. Mudle previously worked on an episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne as well as Telltale’s Game of Thrones series.

If The Enemy Within is real, it would be the second Batman series that Telltale has created. The first consisted of five episodes, the last of which launched in December 2016. We’ve also known that Telltale’s been working on new things for some time; at E3 2017, Telltale’s head of communications, Job Stauffer, told GameSpot that the studio would announce "a handful of things" this summer.

Of course, ratings on labeling boards should never be taken as fact, and Telltale may announce a different series this week and Batman at a later date. It is, after all, capable of working on four series at once.

Source: GameSpot


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