Destiny 2 Beta Gets 12.6GB Update, PS Plus/XBL Gold Requirements Announced

The Destiny 2 beta client received a big new update today. The client itself was up for pre-load last week, and the file size was less than 400 MB. Today’s update, meanwhile, clocks in at 12.6 GB on PlayStation 4, suggesting it contains all of the beta’s content.

You need to install the update if you want to play the Destiny 2 beta. As announced previously, the beta begins on July 18 at 10 AM PT on PS4 for pre-order customers. Xbox One pre-order members get in a day later, while everyone on console can play starting July 21. A beta for the PC version of Destiny 2 is also coming, but not until August.

Bungie also confirmed some further details on the paid/free status of the Destiny 2 beta. The Homecoming story mission is open to all players, while the Crucible and Strike will require a subscription to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, depending on your platform.

For lots more on the Destiny 2 beta, check out GameSpot’s rundown of everything you need to know, including when it starts, what’s in it, and all of the known issues.

Keep checking back with GameSpot for more on the Destiny 2 beta.

Source: GameSpot


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