Another Nintendo Switch Eshop Game On Sale Now

Few Nintendo Switch games have gone on sale in the Eshop since the console launched back in March, but one more is currently available on the service at a reduced price. For a limited time, Switch owners can get a discount when they pick up Graceful Explosion Machine.

The 2D shoot-’em-up normally retails in the Switch Eshop for $13, but right now players can purchase the title for $9. While not a substantial discount, it is still a nice incentive to pick up the stylish shooter, which features fast-paced gameplay and over 30 levels spread across four worlds.

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Grace Explosion Machine is one of three games currently on sale in the Switch Eshop. Players still have an opportunity to purchase Square Enix’s nostalgic RPG, I Am Setsuna, for $26.79, 33% off of the game’s normal price of $40. I Am Setsuna will be on sale in the service until tomorrow, August 10, at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET.

The "roll-y roguelike" TumbleSeed is also currently available at a discount. That title normally retails for $15, but Switch owners can pick it up right now for $10. The sale coincides with a new update that the developers recently rolled out for the game, which adds six new modes (including a Switch-exclusive two-player battle mode), new persistent abilities, a weekly challenge, and more. The update also makes the notoriously difficult game easier.

A new batch of titles is scheduled to arrive in the Eshop tomorrow. At least three have been confirmed so far: the multiplayer action-puzzle game Flip Wars, the stylish roguelike action game Phantom Trigger, and the strategy puzzle-matching game Ironcast.

Source: GameSpot


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