Three More Popular Indie Games Coming To Nintendo Switch

Three more popular indie games have been announced for Nintendo Switch. Super Meat Boy, Mutant Mudds, and Inversus are all heading to Nintendo’s new console.

Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat announced the Switch version on Twitter today, posting a photo of the super-tough platformer running on Switch. Mutant Mudds creator Jools Watsham took a similar tack, tweeting out a picture of his game playing on Nintendo’s console. Neither developer has announced a release date for their respective titles just yet.

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Meanwhile, Nintendo’s official Twitter account revealed that an expanded version of the "negative space shooter" Inversus will launch for Switch this fall. Dubbed Inversus Deluxe, the game features more maps, ranked multiplayer, new powers, and other additional content.

All three of the aforementioned titles were well-received when they originally debuted, in particular Super Meat Boy, which earned a 9.5/10 from GameSpot. The latest title from Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen, The End Is Nigh, is also slated to arrive on Switch, though it likewise doesn’t have a release date yet.

Source: GameSpot


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