‘Champions & Challengers – Adventure Time’ Is a Real-Time Tactical Game Coming This Fall

Get ready to help Finn, Jake, and other Adventure Time characters stand up to the evil Dice Lord in the upcoming Champions & Challengers – Adventure Time. This real-time tactical game will have you collecting over 70 Champions (including, of course, all your favorites) and ranking them up to gradually unlock new abilities and skills. The game’s battles are a combination of real time and turn-based RPG-style combat, and—as you would expect—the key to victory is building teams that synergize well and can build on each others abilities to defeat the Dice Lord.

The game will also offer the ability to fight other players in the PvP Arena, which is always a great plus for me in games like these. And you should expect plenty of events and other, similar staples of the genre. While I don’t expect too much originality in terms of gameplay, Champions & Challengers – Adventure Time is bringing along one of the most popular and colorful IPs. So, I expect the game to still do well even if it does end up treading the same ground as many other games. If you’re an Android player, you can pre-register for the game today.

Source: TouchArcade


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