Garden Growing Board Game ‘Cottage Garden’ Coming to Mobile

Cottage Garden is a tabletop board game designed by Uwe Rosenberg and all about the art of gardening, and it’s coming to mobile. DIGIDICED, makers of the recently released Terra Mystica [$9.99], are hard at work on a digital version and are aiming for a third-quarter release. In Cottage Garden up to four players compete for points earned by selecting flowers from a common marketplace and planting them in one of your two flower beds. Each type of flower has a specific shape, requiring a certain number of your garden squares and part of the gameplay is puzzling over where best to place them. The player with the most points from the best plants wins the game.

Cottage Garden will feature a single-player mode as well as cross-platform multiplayer action for up to four players or AI opponents. Best of all, the multiplayer will be asynchronous so you will be able to play against others on your own timetable. Luckily, digital board gamers won’t have to wait as long for Cottage Garden as for Terra Mystica and we’ll see it out within a couple months.

Source: TouchArcade


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