Moons of Madness: What if Firewatch Went Horror?

Can you explore mental illness on Mars? That’s what Rock Pocket Games hope to do in their upcoming first-person horror game Moons of Madness.

While I can’t say how much Moons of Madness succeeds on that front based on my brief 20-minute demo, its surreal tale of isolation and familial troubles – set against a hard sci-fi backdrop with some Lovecraftian inspirations mixed in for good measure – serves as an interesting foundation so far.


What stands out to me almost immediately during my demo of Moons of Madness are the problem-solving elements. More recent first-person horror games like Outlast 2 and Layers of Fear have largely ditched puzzles — a survival horror staple that I dearly miss — in favor of a haunted house-style approach. It’s possible to strike a balance between hopping from one scripted event to the next and trying to think straight enough to solve problems in the face of looming danger, and Moons of Madness seems to be on that path.

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Source: IGN PC Articles


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