Nintendo Switch EShop Adds 5 Games Today

The Nintendo Switch Eshop is being updated today, August 10, with a handful of titles, including the latest Neogeo release for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Starting with that game, The King of Fighters 2000 comes to Switch today in the Eshop. The $7 fighting game lets you make the graphics look like an arcade display if you want, while there is also leaderboard support for players to compete for high scores.

Rocket FistRocket Fist

Also new on the Eshop today is Rocket Fist ($10), a multiplayer game where players punch with a rocket fist and hope to connect with another player. If you miss, you have to go pick up your fist to try again, as the other players attack you. The colorful slasher Phantom Trigger ($15) also arrives today, alongside the turn-based strategy game Ironcast ($13).

The final new game out today on the Switch Eshop is Flip Wars ($10), which is a multiplayer game where players compete to flip over panels and each other to win.

Are you picking up any of the new Switch Eshop games today? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GameSpot


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