‘Purrfect Date’ Blends Dating Sims With Visual Novels, and I Want It Now

Dating sims are all the rage these days, but Purrfect Date looks like it’s going to really nail it. In Purrfect Date you play a human who’ll get to date cats as he/she tries to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Cat Island. This mix of dating sim, visual novel, and dark British comedy comes in seven chapters, and you’ll be playing multiple newly-hired research assistants on an island almost exclusively populated by cats (also known as paradise). You will have to romance cats, balance your stats, and more as you try to solve the mystery.

The developers name games like Undertale, Dream Daddy, Hatoful Boyfriend, and Pony Island among their inspirations. The two-person team behind the game wanted to create their ideal game, and out came Purrfect Date. As you can see from the trailer, it’s looks like it’s going to be a fun one to play. And the game will offer plenty of twists and turns, which should add to its replayability.  I will be coming out this winter, so stay tuned for more (and get that catnip ready). I hope you’re ready (and bold enough) to travel to Cat Island.

Source: TouchArcade


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