The Solo Missions for ‘Hearthstone’ ‘Knights of the Frozen Throne’ Are Live (But Struggling)

Hearthstone‘s [Free] Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion is live in the Americas, and it brings along the first ever expansion solo missions. The first set of missions is live (although not appearing for everyone at the moment), and it’s called Rise of the Frozen Throne. This set consist of The Prologue and the Lower Citadel, which features three bosses. The first Boss you will encounter is Lord Marrowgar, consisting of the bones of a thousand adventurers slain by the Lich King. The designers tried to capture Marrowgar’s WoW essence and bring it into the game. So, Marrowgar summons Bone Spike minions that if not dealt in one turn, they deal a lot of damage to you. He also has the Hero Power Skeletal Reconstruction that brings his health back to full. In other words, build a deck that goes for a kill in a single turn while also taking care of those minions.

The second boss is Deathbringer Saurfang, the Lich King’s most powerful Death Knight. Another WoW character, he brings to Hearthstone an interesting passive Hero Power called Blood Rune, which makes him vulnerable only to weapons. And his Blood Beasts heal him at the end of his turn, so you’ll need to be using a weapon to take our Saurfang while still taking care of those pesky Blood Beasts. The final boss for this set of missions is Lady Deathwhisper, a boss with crazy health and armor. But you have Valithria, a 30/5 dragon on your board, although it can only attack when at full health. And Lady Deathwhisper’s hero power reduces all your minions to 1 health, which makes keeping Valithria’s health up quite a challenge. So, make sure you bring lots of healing spells along.

Beating The Prologue will get you a free Legendary and beating The Lower Citadel gets you a Frozen Throne card pack. The second set of missions will go live August 17th, and the third and last will go live on August 24th. So, expect to get quite a few free cards from this missions. I know many complained about Blizzard’s decision to remove Adventures and only release expansions, but the missions are adding free single player content and plenty of free rewards, so I’m not complaining.

Keep in mind that not everyone can access the missions at the moment (new expansions always hammer the servers), but that should be fixed soon (I hope)

Source: TouchArcade


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