‘Burgle Bros’ Snuck its Way Into the App Store Today and is Out Now

Tim Fowers, creator of the tabletop and digital novel-writing game Paperback [$3.99], just released a brand new title to the App Store. Burgle Brothers [$4.99] is yet another tabletop to iOS conversion and plays out like a classic heist movie. You pick your crew ala Ocean’s 11, each potential recruit has unique abilities to bring to the party, and figure out a master plan to pull off a daring and high-value heist in a very secure building. Naturally no plan of thievery survives contact with the mark and much of the game is about how you adapt and extract yourself from difficult circumstances.

Gameplay is three-dimensional and you’ll have to navigate your way up from the ground floor, crack the safe to get the goods, before making your getaway. If you get caught, it’s game over and back to the drawing board. Burgle Bros is all about the sneaky-sneak and favors stealth above all else. There’s also a clear push-your-luck mechanic and you’ll have to decide what chances are worth the taking. If you enjoy digital board games, particularly stealth-based games like Card Thief [$1.99], Burgle Bros is likely right up your darkened alley.

Source: TouchArcade


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