In Dota 2, bot beats pros

Then regular gamers fire back

Dota 2‘s world championship, The International 2017, is going on right now, and as a sideshow, Valve put a top pro up against a formidable AI bot. Spoiler alert: The bot mopped the floor with him.

Danil "Dendi" Ishutin confronted the OpenAI bot, which evidently learned to play Dota 2 for itself over repeated playthroughs. The results of that human-versus-AI match are below:

Fear not, our AI overlords are not yet ready to enslave us. Valve unleashed the bot on other attendees of TI17, offering some big loot as an incentive. Most everyone collected it. Many found ways to confuse the bot and draw its defenses away from the critical objective.

The lesson seems to be, in the words of the martial arts master Kesuke Miyagi, "Someone always knows more." In this case, the someone is still the gamer. I still have faith in humanity.

But remember. Karate do, “guess so?” — squish, like grape. Also, look in the eyes. Always look in the eyes. Come back tomorrow.

Source: Polygon – Full


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