LawBreakers Dev Teases Ongoing Support And Talks Steam Reviews

Cliff Bleszinski’s new game LawBreakers launched last week on PlayStation 4 and PC. The start is just the beginning, Bleszinski said in a new interview, teasing that more characters, maps, and modes are potentially coming down the road.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Bleszinski said, "We see this game as a marathon and not a sprint." There are nine characters in the game right now, but Bleszinski said a tenth is being tested right now and is already "fully playable."

Concerning new maps, Bleszinski said two new ones are "99 percent ready to go," and as for the new game-types, he said "I can’t really talk about" those. There are also new skins coming in "a couple of months."

All of this is to say that LawBreakers having ongoing support after launch is just a sign of the times. "That’s the world we live in–it’s no longer fire and forget," Bleszinski said.

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Also in the interview, the developer talked about the reviews for LawBreakers so far. On Steam, which he described as a "very harsh platform," the $30 LawBreakers has a "very positive" rating after more than 1,800 reviews.

"What we’ve found is that Steam is a very harsh platform, and if you go to Steam reviews for any game, you can’t bullsh** Steam users, PC users," Bleszinski said. "I’m not saying you can bullshit console users, but Steam users are some of the most savvy gamers out there. If you go to our reviews they’re 90 percent positive. We’ve created a community over the last three years of really loyal and dedicated fans who love the game and the studio."

The full interview touches on numerous other subjects; go to Eurogamer to read it.

GameSpot’s LawBreakers review scored it an 8/10. "What counts is that its fresh anti-gravity mechanics transcends its first-glance novel appeal and creates limitless combat situations that will be new and inviting to many shooter fans," reviewer Miguel Concepcion said.

LawBreakers is available on PS4 and PC. An Xbox One version has not been ruled out.

Source: GameSpot


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