How to Catch Legendary Pokemon Kyogre in ‘Pokemon GO’

Are you a top-tier Pokemon Go [Free] raider looking to collect as many legendary Pokemon as possible? Well, one more legendary Pokemon is now available for everyone to get. Appearing in raid battles around the world, players will be able to capture the water-type legendary Pokemon Kyogre by participating in raid battles from now until 1:00 PM Pacific on February 14th.

Originally introduced in generation III, Kyogre is super recognizable as it’s on the cover of Pokemon Sapphire. (The primal version is on the box of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.) This, in my opinion anyway, makes Kyogre super desirable for anyone playing Pokemon Go. To find raides for Kyogre, load up the game, and use the nearby screen, and scope out raids happening around you. Raid battles happen pretty frequently, so as long as you make some time between now and 2/14, you shouldn’t have too much issue snagging a Kyogre.

Source: TouchArcade

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