Nintendo Switch Is Seeing Record Sales In Both France And Italy

Back in December we reported that Switch had reached 10 million global sales in its first nine months, while this is undoubtedly great news for Nintendo you might imagine that this impressive number was mostly down to North American sales where Nintendo traditionally does best.

It seems that sales in Europe have been really impressive for Nintendo Switch also. French outlet Le Figaro recently reported that Nintendo Switch shifted 911,000 units in 2017, which is amazing when you think that Wii U only managed to sell 832,000 units during its entire lifespan in France.

In other European news, Nintendo Italy announced via a press release that the console has become the fastest selling console of all time in its region. Nintendo Italy’s general manager, Andrea Persegati attributes this success to the platform’s outstanding range of software which has really connected with Italian consumers. The Switch sales have now overtaken sales of the Wii in that region, which is impressive when you think about how successful that console was in its day.

Let us know what you think about the Switch’s success in Europe with a comment below.

Source: Nintendo Life

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