PS4 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta Begins Today, Doesn’t Require PS Plus

This month is a particularly busy one for beta tests. In addition to the Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta this weekend, Square Enix has now kicked off one for its own upcoming fighting game, the PS4-exclusive Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

The beta begins today, January 12, and runs until January 21, giving players over a week to try out the arcade fighter. Unlike the previous Dissidia Final Fantasy NT beta that took place back in August, this beta is open to all PS4 players, regardless of whether or not you’re a PS Plus subscriber. However, you’ll need to have a Plus subscription in order to play the full game online after it launches.

The beta is available to download now on the PlayStation Store and weighs in at a rather hefty 18 GB. Square Enix hasn’t specified which of the game’s characters will be playable during the beta, but the publisher has said that the beta roster "will vary at regular intervals."

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a three-on-three fighting game starring heroes and villains from throughout the Final Fantasy series’ history. It will feature 28 eight characters at launch, with an additional six set to arrive post-release as DLC. Square Enix hasn’t revealed who these six fighters will be, but they’re included in the game’s season pass, which players will receive with the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Collector’s Editions.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launches for PS4 on January 30. Ahead of its release, players can already snag a piece of DLC for the game. Those who purchase a specially marked package of Nissin Cup Noodles can receive a code for the Royal Raiment DLC outfit for Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis. That offer is currently only available for US residents. You can read more about the Cup Noodles promotion here.

Source: GameSpot

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