The 17 Most F***ed Up Moments From Devilman Crybaby

Netflix has been moving slowly into the world of anime over the past couple of years, with US/Japanese co-productions such as Neo Yokio already available and an impressive slate of shows on the way. Devilman Crybaby is the first out of the gate in 2018, and it’s the real deal. It’s a new adaptation of Go Nagai’s classic ’70s manga and subsequent anime series Devilman, about a teenager who becomes possessed and transformed into an avenging demon with a pure human heart.

Devilman Crybaby takes this basic storyline but brings it right up to date, embracing the age of social media and web journalism. It’s directed by modern anime master Masaaki Yuasa, and is packed with some of the most extreme content ever to hit Netflix. It’s provocative and explicit, a sometimes funny but often disturbing collision of sex, gore, and demonic madness. All ten episodes are now available, so here’s a look at the most jaw-dropping moments from the series. Warning–spoilers and shocking content ahead!

1. Disco massacre (Episode 1)

After a relatively quiet start, the first episode kicks into high gear towards the end with the sudden transformation of partying teens into demons at a rave. Ryo has taken Akira there with the intention of getting the demon Amon to possess him, and all hell breaks loose. Cue talons, teeth, tentacles, and oozing appendages bursting forth from every orifice as the demons lay wild, gory waste to the crowd of terrified clubbers.

2. Devilman is born! (Episode 1)

Ryo’s hope that Amon will possess Akira doesn’t quite go as planned. The demon attempts to devour Akira, but he fights back, his pure heart and soul overcoming the demon’s evil. And so Devilman is born–and in truly spectacular style, he tears the other demons apart and saves Ryo.

3. Miko has fun (Episode 2)

Devilman has always mixed sex and gore in pretty outrageous ways, and this latest version is no different. There’s no nudity in this scene, but it does feature shy schoolgirl Miko pleasuring herself while thinking about hunky Akira. But it’s not so much what she does (this is adult anime after all), but the noises she makes. And that’s before she gets possessed by a demon!

4. Dinner time (Episode 2)

Sleazy online journalist Nagasaki is out at night, trying to get some crime on camera, when he encounters a trio of demons about to dine on an unfortunate victim. They really make a mess of the poor guy.

5. Silene has fun (Episode 3)

Silene is the demonic lover of Amon, the demon who resides with Akira. She misses her former partner and in Episode 3 enjoys an intimate moment while thinking about him. Only in her case, it results in sprouting wings and talons.

6. Exploding demon head (Episode 3)

The demons attempt to kill Akira by possessing Miki’s body, distracting him while another sneaks up behind him. Luckily for Akira, Ryo is there to protect him, and blasts the creature’s head into yellow gloop.

7. Torn in half (Episode 3)

Devilman deals with the demon inside Miki by sucking the beast out of her, then expelling him from his own body as steam. The confrontation then ends as Akira tears the demon in two.

8. Airport massacre (Episode 4)

Episode 4 introduces us to Akira’s parents. Unfortunately it turns out that his dad is a demon too and within seconds of meeting him on a crowded airport bus, he transforms and proceeds to massacre the other unfortunate passengers.

9. Death masks (Episode 4)

Akira goes to see his parents for the first time in years, but he’s too late for a happy family reunion. His demonic dad has already killed his mom, who now exists as a disembodied “death mask”, floating alongside those of other victims on pop’s monstrous body.

10. Silene gets her “man” (Episode 5)

Silene seduces Akira, knowing that her lover Amon exists somewhere inside him. Their union is as wild, gory, brutal, and demented as you’d expect, and ends with Silene merging with her ally Kaim (who is also in love with her) in a failed attempt kill Akira after he rejects her.

11. Koda’s transformation (Episode 6)

This episode opens with the reveal that high school athlete Koda is also a demon in typically outrageous style. Halfway through sex with another man, he transforms into a hideous creature and slaughters his lover.

12. Track massacre (Episode 6)

High school athletics play a big part in Devilman Crybaby, so it’s no surprise that we eventually get a demonic track massacre. Koda changes into a rampaging demon bull and begins a bloody rampage through the stadium.

13. Dog for dinner (Episode 7)

Miki’s mom discovers that her young son Taro is a demon in the most gruesome way possible–she catches him snacking on the beloved family pet.

14. Bang! Splat! (Episode 8)

Mr Makimura (Miki’s dad) is searching for his family on the deserted streets of the demon-infested city. He encounters an old man, who draws his gun on Mr Makimura, before he himself has his face blown to pieces by another gunman.

15. Taro-ble! (Episode 8)

Mr Makimura finds young Taro, but unfortunately he has already transformed and is getting up to some very unpleasant business. Bad Taro!

16. Streets of blood (Episode 9)

As mass hysteria grips the world, anyone suspected of being demon is hunted down by crazed gangs. The last we see of various key characters are their various dismembered body parts held aloft by a jeering mob.

17. Spray anything (Episode 10)

The final episode is packed with spectacular psychedelic demon action, as Akira and Ryo battle for the future of humanity. One of the more bizarre sights during the lengthy final montage is a captured Devilman being tortured and spraying acid from every orifice.

Source: GameSpot

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