One of the best new game trailers didn’t air at The Game Awards

Ape Out mashes Hotline Miami action with a Saul Bass aesthetic

More video game trailers were shown during The Game Awards 2018 than acceptance speeches, and still one of the best new game trailers released today didn’t air during the show. Devolver Digital gave another look at Ape Out, an action game with a Saul-Bass-meets-Hotline-Miami vibe.

The game is about an ape escape. The ape sprints through increasingly complicated stages, slaughtering armed guards by punching them, splattering them and converting them into human shields. Attacks splatter blood across the floor like buckets of paint. The trailer does an excellent job capturing Ape Out’s hyper-violent, neatly-paced energy and its grim humor.

Ape Out will be released on Feb. 7, 2019, on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

[Disclosure: I briefly taught Ape Out creator Gabe Cuzzillo at NYU’s Game Center. Cuzzillo has since partnered with program professors (and game design veterans) Matt Boch and Bennett Foddy to bring the game to the finish line.]

Source: Polygon

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