Ninja Theory’s next game, Bleeding Edge, appears to have leaked ahead of E3

A screen capture of the leaked E3 2019 trailer for <em>Bleeding Edge</em>, Ninja Theory’s next project

Four-on-four multiplayer melee among a cast of several colorful fighters

The E3 2019 trailer for Ninja Theory’s next game, to be shown at Microsoft’s keynote on Sunday, appears to have leaked. According to a silent shaky cam video captured by the Swedish blog Xboxer, it’s a 4-on-4, multiplayer melee combat game called Bleeding Edge.

The minute-long video shows teams of exceptionally stylized heroes and adversaries duking it out in a colorful, futuristic setting. Combatants have blunt weapons, sawblades, big swords and axes, with some ranged weapons (like a minigun) thrown in, too. The trailer shows off environmental hazards on the playing field, such as a choo-choo train plowing over some poor schmuck.

Microsoft announced at E3 2018 that it had acquired Ninja Theory, the makers of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and DmC: Devil May Cry. Ninja Theory was one of six studios Microsoft scarfed up between June and November last year. At the time, Ninja Theory’s chief creative director said the move ensured his unique breed of studio, situated somewhere “between indie and AAA,” could survive and continue its tradition of creative independence.

“We want to be free from the AAA machine and make games focused on the experience, not around monetization,” Tameem Antoniades said last year.

Rahni Tucker, who was the combat director for DmC, is on the Bleeding Edge team. The leaked video indicates that a technical alpha for the game begins June 27. The URL listed in the video is currently locked.

Microsoft’s E3 2019 keynote presentation is 4:30 p.m. EDT on Sunday, June 9.

Source: Polygon

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