Celeste and Inside are the latest free titles at the Epic Games Store

Protagonist Madeline braves harsh winds in a screenshot from Celeste
Matt Makes Games

Two indie platformers that make you feel stuff

Two critically acclaimed indie platformers are hitting the Epic Games Store’s weekly free PC games program this week: Celeste and Inside.

Inside is the spiritual successor to Limbo, which was offered as a free Epic Games Store download last month. Both games, from developer Playdead, are dark and haunting, with eerie graphics and tricky puzzles. And, like Limbo, Inside can get gruesome, earning it an M rating.

Epic promised that it would offer an alternative whenever it released a free game that would be blocked by parental controls. This week, Epic paired Limbo with fellow indie side-scrolling platformer Celeste.

Like Inside, Celeste is highly stylized, though where Inside is dark and spooky, Celeste is bright and…still sometimes spooky. It was my personal favorite game of 2018, thanks to its moving story and retro aesthetic. But don’t let those sweet graphics fool you: Celeste fits firmly in the masocore genre, even if its a kindler, gentler masochism. Our review warns, “You will die around a thousand times before you reach the top of the titular mountain.”

Inside and Celeste will be available for free at the Epic Games Store through Sept. 5. They will be replaced by The End is Nigh and Abzu.

Source: Polygon

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