Into The Spider-verse’s Producers’ New Project, Connected, Releases First Hilarious Trailer

The first trailer for Sony Animation’s Connected is out and reveals a comedic, pug-accompanied, genre-bending tale about a family road trip and…a robot uprising? Mike Rianda, best known for his work on Gravity Falls, directed and co-wrote the script with Jeff Rowe. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse alumni Phil Lord and Chris Miller also produced the project.

Connected tells the story of the Mitchell family, who embark on a seemingly normal cross-country journey. The father, Rick, feels disconnected to his grown daughter, Katie, and under the encouragement of mom Linda, cancels her solo plane ticket to college. He instead packs the entire family, including an adorable pug named Mochi and the younger brother, Aaron, in a van. Sending Katie off to university with a road trip, he hopes to spend more time with her before she’s truly out of the house. Unexpectedly, they end up caught in the crosshairs of a surprise robot insurgency.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Rianda commented, "I tried to think about the two things that I loved the most, which was my crazy family…and also killer robots. [Connected] is sort of a love letter to our imperfect human world, where it’s lovingly done but everything is kind of rumbly and a little bit wobbly. We wanted to show those imperfections, and we wanted to show them lovingly.”

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Source: GameSpot

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